The 49 Flowers Art Project is looking for people who can spare 15 minutes of their time to be a life model.

Canadian artist Zachari Logan has an exhibition of his Wreath series of drawings displayed at New Art Projects Gallery in Hackney, London from 18 November to 22 December.

This Saturday and Sunday (19-20 November), he will be in the gallery from noon until 5pm for his project 49 Flowers to benefit an Orlando charity helping those affected by the Orlando/Pulse Massacre.

He is still looking for people from the LGBTQI community to come and sit for him. Each participant will take and hold a flower for 15 minutes that Logan will draw to represent the person holding it. The 49 drawings will then make a bouquet of 49 flowers in commemoration of the people killed in the Orlando Massacre.

These drawings will be shown at New Art Projects and sold with 50% of the proceeds of each drawing sold to benefit an Orlando charity.


Logan has mounted this project twice before. On 25 June 2016 Logan completed this drawing performance in conjunction with Nuit Rose, Toronto’s Queer Arts Festival and his exhibition Forgotten Selves at Paul Petro Contemporary Art.


Logan re-staged 49 Flowers upon the invitation of the organisers of Performatorium 5, an international queer arts festival in Regina, Saskatchewan. The third and final performance of this project will be in London.

If you would like to participate please contact Tim Hutchinson at New Art Projects to book a time slot:

0207249 4032


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