A library in Jacksonville, Florida, canceled an LGBTQ youth event after it came under attack from online activists, including Elizabeth “Activist Mommy” Johnston.

A hundred students had signed up for the Storybook Pride Prom at the Willowbranch Library in Jacksonville, which was supposed to happen this coming Friday.

“Come dressed inspired by your favorite book character– casual, formal, or in drag – whatever makes you feel great. Be you!” the event description said.

But the event drew the ire of conservative activists like Johnston. She shared the library’s phone number on her Facebook page and told her followers to “express your disgust that this perversion is taking place in a taxpayer funded library!”

“For all the sensitive stomachs out there, I apologize for the graphic pictures,” she wrote. “I selected milder ones for you. If these perverts are going to come after children, I have to expose it! I know it ain’t pretty!”

Look at what Jacksonville, Florida taxpayers are paying for!!!!


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