Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey, of the anti-gay “Christian right organization” Mission: America, previously complained about gay rights activists that were helping to “normalize homosexuality.”

She also was voiced her upset when McDonald’s introduced a limited edition rainbow colored fry box for LGBT pride month, this year.

Now she’s coming for Halloween, which she calls a “depraved” gay holiday.

Harvey writes for World Net Daily:

You’ve probably noticed that a cultural revolution is in full swing, engineered largely by promiscuity promoters and “LGBT” advocates. It’s based on deception, depravity, subterfuge, endless dirty tricks and no treats. So is it any wonder Halloween is their favorite, special holiday?

She then goes on to detail an “eerie” Halloween experience, from her teenage years.

…when I was a little girl in my pre-Christian youth, I loved Halloween. But I recall an eerie sense even then that Halloween was unusually captivating, and not in a good way. When I was 14, I had my own bizarre encounter with the enemy spirit world by experimenting with a Ouija board.

She continues:

But when my friend and I asked the “board” questions, some unseen force pushed the pointer around. At times, our fingers were hanging on for dear life as it flew around the board, often spelling out messages. I had little biblical background to understand what this presence surely was. Now, I can only thank God for mercifully protecting me from being drawn more deeply into this spooky and alluring world where the unseen has real, tangible power.

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