The East Grinstead singer, songwriter and dancer is back with the unapologetic R&B/pop anthem Sorry, which details a failed relationship and the strength to move on from somebody who doesn’t deserve “forgiveness”.

“How many times can you be apologised to before the word sorry starts to lose its meaning?” he said in a statement.

“I wrote Sorry at a time when I refused to accept another apology from my ex, a bunch of roses couldn’t cut it by that point. Words without intent are literally just a bunch of meaningless letters. If you mean it, prove it.”

Sorry is Aaron’s third single so far after the critically-acclaimed dance-pop-bop, BOY – which has been streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify – and I Wanna Let Love. Listen below.

When we spoke to Aaron last year, he said he wants to “be a good role model for the younger generation” – and he’s doing this by entering the industry as an openly gay artist who isn’t afraid to talk about sensitive topics.

“All my music is about my life and experiences,” he told us. “I have to deal with toxic masculinity pretty daily, may it be from the men on my street or that small streak of it that’s still rooted in my own mind.

“So, many elements of it will come through in my music, talking about it is me dealing with it.”

Read our full interview with Aaron Porter here.


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