Milwaukee-based indie pop sister-duo are slowing becoming one of our favourite bands, thanks to brilliant synthpop jams such as Heartbeat, Baby Forget ItCool With It and Matinee.

Now, they’re back with another 10/10 pop anthem, The Way I Loved You, which is about based on band member Vic’s journey with her sexuality and falling in love for the first time.

“Gab and I were listening to one of our favorite songs in Spanish, Rosas by La Oreja de Van Gogh the lyric translates to “I am beginning to suspect that real love is only your first love, and the rest are only to forget the first one,”” she told us.

“That sentiment really sunk in and we started thinking of our first loves. For me it happened in college in Monterrey, Mexico. I was just beginning to discover myself and feeling comfortable with my sexuality.

“I fell in love hard for a girl I met and it was the most intense, young crazy first love you could imagine. I ended up breaking her heart and simultaneously breaking my own for a very long time.

“TWILY is about wanting to love someone new with that same intensity, without caution or fear. It’s a complicated feeling because you want to protect your heart instead of letting yourself love again.”

The Way I Loved You is REYNA’s ninth release so far. Their debut EP is due for release later this year. Listen below!

When we spoke to Vic last year, she opened up on how she came to terms with her sexuality and the difficulties she faced coming out to her family.

“Coming out for me was so traumatic and heartbreaking, so all of those feelings and emotions have influenced the way that I write, which is probably where Spill Your Colours came from,” she told us.

“My sister is super supportive, and it’s impacted her life, because we had wars in our family over this. You have to take a side. It’s definitely added a dynamic to our music.”

Vic added: “Once I realised that I was gay and I came out to my parents… We are a very Christian family. We grew up in the church, so it was a huge blow to my parents.

“I think it took them maybe six or seven years to kind of be okay with it. I got married last year, and I think that was the moment when my parents were like, ‘Oh my god, all these people are here and they’re okay with it?’ So it was like validation for them.”

Read our full interview with REYNA here.


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