The athlete Louis Smith is going to show off his active morning wake-up routine just before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Start. He aims at promoting the new #GreatStarts campaign from Kellogg’s.

He became silver medallist owner in London in 2012. Just have a look how he sprints his way to the kitchen doing somersaults and backflips, continuing with pommel horse practice and press ups right on his kitchen counter.

Then he is doing the splits while enjoying a big bowl of tasty Corn Flakes.

What to do if you want to take part in Kellogg’s new campaign and ger a prize? If you want to win tickets to the Rio Olympic Games you need just to share your morning routines using the #GreatsStarts hashtag on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Good luck, guys! Show the whole world your sporty morning and how fit you are!

Now it’s time to watch how strong and fit Louis Smith is. Watch the video below:

Source: vimeo.com

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