We are going to tell you a happy ending love story of our subscriber who asked us to give them a platform to showcase their true love. Here is their story of love!

Our eyes first met in Atlanta, Ga., a day I will forever hold dear to my heart.

weddingMy now-husband Eric is a vocalist and was competing for a well-known pageant, while I was a spectator supporting my sister who was competing as well.

I stopped Eric, asked his name and vowed to get in contact with him that night. Sadly the conversation that night never happened but two days later we finally met again in person.

The rest is history as we were clearly a match made in heaven. We dated long-distance for 1 year, which seemed like an eternity apart and so we moved in together shortly thereafter.

We got married June 24, 2016 in Dania Beach accompanied by family and friends. It was a magical night.



Congratulations, guys! Live long and happily! Wish everyone to love and be loved!!!

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  1. Love it – Gay News.. thank you sooo much for this opportunity

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