gay wedding
“We’ve been together for more than eight years.”

Last year, the couple made of Mad Men star Kit Williamson and his partner and co-star John Halbach announced their engagement after eight years together.

gay wedding

“We’ve been together for more than eight years,” Williamson revealed in a statement.

“We kind of resisted marriage at first because we were already committed to one another, but all the progress that’s happened over the last few years, and the likelihood of a favorable Supreme Court ruling in June, has made us really think about what marriage means to us and our relationship. To deny our right to get married is to deny our relationship’s validity.”

gay wedding

This February the couple got married and the ceremony was held in  Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park where they posed for a memorable album.

‘We wanted to keep things really intimate, so we decided to limit the guest list to however many friends and family we could fit on a bus to the desert, because we wanted to get married at Keys View in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park.

“Afterwards, we held the reception at 436 Olancha, a beautiful mid-century house in Palm Springs, and John and I ended the night by jumping in the pool! It was an incredible day and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

gay wedding

The wedding took place in Mississippi, a state that just passed the bill that allows clerks and other licensed business to offer their services to same-sex couples. Kit explained how that affected somehow the planning of their marriage.

“Planning the wedding, I was struck by just how vulnerable you are. You have to rely on so many vendors and government employees and you may not know any of them personally.
I wouldn’t want to buy a cake from a bigot anyway, but I can think of nothing more traumatizing than having the happiest day of your life tainted with bigotry. It saddens me to think that it’s now legal to treat gay couples in Mississippi like second class citizens.”

gay wedding

However, their wedding was fabulous and they also wanted to encourage same-sex couples to take initiative despite bills that discriminate same-sex marriage.

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