A man in India has confessed to both stabbing his lover while they had sex and stealing from the dead body.

21-year-old Amaan Gopal Kavitiya in Colva, India has confessed to killing his 53-year-old lover Baptisto D’Costa.

Police say that D’Costa, who had a wife, met Kavitiya back in October. Kavitiya became closely acquainted with D’Costa and two of his employees. They would often go out for dinner and drinks.

Despite his wife, D’Costa later started a sexual relationship with Kavitiya (and one other man in the group).

“The deceased would call Kavitiya frequently and invite him over,” the police chief to Time of India.

“While initially the deceased would pay, it was when Kavitiya borrowed money from D’Costa, that his demands grew.

“Exasperated, he devised a plan to rid of him,” Gawas added.

This past Saturday, the two met at a church before heading to Betalbatim beach.

Goa“After a round or two of drinks, the deceased indulged in sexual activities.”

“Finding D’Costa in a vulnerable position, Kavitiya took out a knife and slit D’Costa’s throat and stabbed him in the neck.

“He died instantly.”

After that, Kavitiya stole Rs 10,000 (about $157.40) and gold items from D’Costa’s body.

As you might imagine, Kavitiya didn’t get far and was soon brought in by police for investigation. While he initially said that he had nothing to do with D’Costa’s death, Kavitiya later relented and confessed.

“It was only when we confronted him with all evidence that pointed to his presence at the spot of the crime at the time of the incident that he admitted to having committed the murder,” Gawas said.

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