Just what you want when you’re sipping on your cappuccino.

‘Tis the season to be filthy, apparently.

McDonald’s new Christmas cups have been causing quite a stir after a number of customers discovered that with just a couple of squiggles, the harmless design becomes something quite different.

More innocent minds will see a pair of mittens adorning the festive cups, which display the words ‘Warmest Greetings’ across them. However, keen-eyed fans of the fast-food restaurant have seen something in the festive design that your more likely to find on Grindr than anywhere else.

Here is the original cup.


A quick doodle later, and you got yourself a drawing of – there’s no nice way to put this – someone spreading their butt cheeks.


Well, that’s Christmas ruined. We can’t wait to see how they destroy Easter next year.


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