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Our Motto: Human Rights – Equality – Respect – Opportunity

It’s official! Mr Gay World, an annual international competition for gay men, has a great tradition which it follows year by year. This competiton takes place yearly at some exotic and breathtaking place all over the globe. Mr Gay World 2016 will be held on the magical island of Malta. It’s a wonderful place where cultural and historical heritage meets with a spirit of modern. Discover this magnificent place yourself. Such popular films as Game of Thrones, Popey, Troy, Gladiator and over 50 other movies and TV productions came to live right here on Malta. You will definitely enjoy blue lagunes, modern architecture, under water caverns, historical palaces, colourful carnevals of Malta.

And this year Malta will be hosting the 8th production of MR GAY WORLD. All the international contestants of this competiton will come here. The contest will last for four days – since 19th to 23rd April 2016!

Mr Gay World is the most publicised gay contests in the world. It’s not a beauty contest and guys of any age can take part in it.

Mr. Gay World contest has the main aim – to identify the leaders who winning this competition, will become a spokesperson not only in his own community but will perform on a global stage speaking out for equal and human rights.

We are going to introduce you one of the contestant of Mr Gay World 2016. 

Today meet Roger Gosalbez Pitaluga from Spain. The super sexy 30-year-old has this adorable daddy thing going on with a drop dead gorgeous body!

Let’s have a look at some most awesome photos of this hunk with beard on his Instagram account.

His deep blue eyes are so charming!

He is a worthy opponent!

Seems like he enjoys spending time with guys!?

Once again

Hunky buddies!

Is it proof?

Wish him take the first place!

He is damn worthy man!

And you can watch a video with this contestant below:


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