The globe-trotting gay travel bloggers will be sharing their lives with viewers of Blued, the groundbreaking gay social network

SPONSORED: Stefan and Sebastien met in a bar in London in 2009 and have been an item ever since. In 2014, they left their lives in the UK capital and set off travelling the world. Their adventures are reported online via their gay travel blog Nomadic Boys.

They will be hosting a Live Q&A session on Blued, the largest gay social networking app on Thursday 18th May at 6pm London time. Ahead of the interview, they revealed more about their lives to GSN.


You’ve been travelling since 2014 – mainly across Asia and Latin America. What appealed to you about starting your adventures across these two continents?

Asia: the food! We’ve always loved Asian food and we’d been on holiday before to Thailand and Japan, completely fell in love and wanted more. So it made sense to start there and just eat our way around the continent.

Latin America: because we wanted to find Shakira… joking! We’ve always loved Hispanic culture, Latino music, dance and both speak Spanish, so it made sense to go on a big trip after Asia.

You lead a life that many people would be envious of – traveling the world for a living. How difficult is it to turn your passion into your livelihood?

Before leaving London in 2014, we paid off all debts and were able to save for several years prior to fund 1-2 years of travelling. We always intended to become nomadic in some way by working online and teaching English, moving around every few years to a new place.

Our blog grew a lot as we created more content about our travels in Asia so this instead became our livelihood and main source of income.

Whilst we cannot complain at all, it is a lot of hard work. We spend more time behind a computer screen than we did ever before. But at the end of the day, it is something we are extremely passionate about. And when your livelihood is something you truly love doing, you’re far more likely to excel with it.

You’ve visited many countries with anti-gay laws. What would you say to those who say gay travellers should boycott anti-gay countries?

We’d ask if this is really a sensible and productive way of thinking? When we visit countries like Russia, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Kenya, etc we always try to seek out and support the local LGBT community and spend our money on gay friendly hotels, tour companies, bars etc. These are the people you’d be harming more than anyone by taking a boycotting approach.
Surely getting out there to support and empower your gay family, helping them to thrive in a society trying to suppress them is going to be far more productive than boycotting them altogether?


You both love your food: If you had to pick one country for its cuisines, which would you both pick?

Sebastien [who is French] says France! But besides that, we’d both agree on Sri Lanka: you can’t beat a South Asian curry and some of our favourites were in Sri Lanka where they make a delicious flavoursome curry out of any meat, vegetable or fruit you can find.

Nomadic Boys are masters of social media: what can we expect of your involvements with Blued?

We will give an honest account of what we’ve developed with Nomadic Boys as well as plenty of tips, advice and inspiration for fellow LGBT travellers. And lots of speedo pics!


Blued adventures

About their collaboration with The Nomadic Boys, a Blued spokesperson said: ‘We are delighted to do this Live Q&A session with The Nomadic Boys.

‘We have followed their travelling adventures on their blog for a while, and were eager to work with them. On top of their growing notoriety, they have a unique point of view on travelling, which fits in perfectly with Blued’s desire to give real and safe travel advice to the LGBTQ community. We can’t wait to help them connect with our worldwide community!’

The Live Q&A with Nomadic Boys will be on 18th of May, from 6pm (GMT)
Blued is available for IOS and Android.

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