Try to get through this list without crying for joy

Is there anything more heartwarming than grandparents accepting their LGBTI children for exactly who they are?

Gay Star News ran a poll earlier this year to ask LGBTI people if they were out to their living grandparents.

Surprisingly, 46% of people said they weren’t out, with 44% saying yes and 10% saying some of them.

This means that a majority of people do not feel comfortable enough opening up about their sexuality to their grandparents.
So we went on the hunt for adorable grandparents who love their LGBTI grandchildren unconditionally. And boy, did we find what we were looking for.

1. Elizabeth McLaughlin, with granddaughter Louise Smith


Grandma Elizabeth: ‘I was so proud of her for coming out and being her true self and was very happy and proud to be there for her when she brought her first girlfriend round for tea (well it was cava as they all call me champagne Nan!) I love Louise’s amazingly positive energy, she is so kind, the best granddaughter I could ask for. She’s marrying her wonderful partner Rachael next year and I can’t wait to see them make that commitment, it will be the highlight of my 85th year, for sure. She is totally brilliant and now a great role model to others.’

2. Gladys De La Rosa-Rios, with grandson Steven Rhea Delgado


Grandson Steven: When I came out, my grandmother said: ‘That’s nice Steven, but nothing changes. We love you the same as we do all of our grandchildren. Unconditionally.’

3. Maureen and Les Collins, with granddaughter Charlie and her girlfriend Chloe


Grandma Maureen: ‘All loving and committed couples should be allowed to marry, it is about who they love not their sex. Both of my adult grandchildren are in loving relationships and both should be treated the same, however only one of them would be allowed to marry in Australia purely because of their sex. Isn’t marriage about loving one another regardless of their gender?’

4. ​Granny Rena, with grandson Richard Edwards


Grandma Rena: ‘So whit!’ (Glaswegian for ‘so what?’) ‘You’re my Grandson and I don’t care who you love, all that matters to me and the rest of the family is that you are happy and healthy and know that I’ll love you regardless and there’s nothing that can change that!’

5. Damiana Segundo, with grandson Jacob Segundo

Grandson Jacob: My grandmother was actually the only person in my family to accept me for being gay and didn’t turn her back on me. She used to tell me, in Spanish, but I’ll translate for you: ‘I don’t care what you are. Gay or straight, you are my grandson and always will be and I will always love you no matter what.’

6. Hilda Maysonet, with grandson Jose ‘Tony’ Reyes


Grandma Hilda: ‘Always fight for your rights. Find love wherever love is possible.’

7. Kathleen and Robert Owens, with granddaughter Robyn Orr

Grandma Kathleen and grandpa Robert: ‘Well it’s a different time now. You shouldn’t have to live a hidden life. If my kids and grandkids are happy, then we are happy’

8. May Mooty, with grandson Ross McNeilage


Grandson Ross: During one of her soaps, she turned around and said: ‘Is there something you want to tell me?’ And I just said no. Four years later when I finally felt comfortable enough to tell the family, her reply was ‘At last.

9. Joan Henderson, with grandson Matt Horwood


Grandma Joan: ‘I love my grandson dearly and have always been immensely proud of him. When he chose to come out to me several years ago, by means of a beautifully written letter, it came as no surprise. I fully supported him, as does his whole family. Being gay, straight or otherwise has no bearing on my love for him – I love him dearly. I am thrilled that he has found such a wonderful partner and wouldn’t have missed their civil partnership ceremony for the world. It was a very moving and special day and, seeing my grandson so very happy, filled my heart with joy.’

10. Phil Calentine Sr, with grandson Jimmy Joe Young

Grandson Jimmy: He wrote to me in one of my birthday cards: ‘I’m proud of the man that you became’

11. Pat, with granddaughters Emily and Charlotte


Grandma Pat: ‘Grandad and I are very proud of Emily, Chas and their partners. They are brave feisty and loyal. They deserve the best. We are looking forward to their weddings one day, because I like hats’

12. Marie Kathleen Davies, with grandson Lewis Peters


Grandson Lewis: My nan once took me and my ex boyfriend into a room and said ‘I know exactly what’s going on here and I’m OK with it. You have my blessing.’ Since then, she has supported me constantly and when things have been tough, or anyone has said anything to me, she tells me to turn around and tell them to ‘fuck off!’

13. Rosa Cristina Egas, with grandson Luis Mancheno


Grandson Luis: When I came out to her, she said: ‘So what? You are my grandson and you will always be my grandson. I love you.’

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