Ever since before the Olympics begun, gay athlete Adam Rippon has been attacking our Vice President ruthlessly over his past opposition to gay marriage.

Even though Pence has never attacked Rippon personally, the Olympian feels the need to garner media attention by trashing our leaders in office.

However, Mike Pence is responding with pure class, and it’s driving the left INSANE:

“Headed to the Olympics to cheer on Team USA. One reporter trying to distort 18yr old non story to sow seeds of division. We won’t let that happen! FAKE NEWS! Our athletes are the best in the word and we are for ALL of them!”, he initially tweeted.

Then he followed up with a direct tweet of support for the Olympian attacking him:

“Adam, I want you to know we are FORE YOU. Don’t let fake news distract you. Ian proud of you and ALL OF OUR GREAT athletes and my only hopeful you and all of Team USA is to bring home the gold. Go get ’em!”, he followed up.

As the Olympics continued, Rippon kept getting asked about Mike Pence and it led him to lash out saying “I don’t want my Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence”.

To that, Don Jr. responded this way:

What is your response to Mike Pence treating this young man with class? Comment below…

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