‘Being honest and being who you are is always the best way to live’

Derek Chadwick has come out as gay.

The 23 year-old Instagram star and Scream Queens actor revealed all in an interview with Gay Times.

‘I would identify now as gay… I think I realised vaguely at school that I was gay, like officially,’ Chadwick said. ‘There was a point that I just knew’.

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Chadwick, who boasts 277k followers on Instagram, admitted his fears about coming out, but feels hopeful about how his coming out may benefit his fans.

‘I’ve been nervous about people seeing my personality because I didn’t want them to jump to conclusions about me without knowing my whole story.


‘It’ll allow me to be more personable on social media. I’ll be able to post more on my stories and videos on Twitter… it’ll allow me to stand up on the stage in front of the LGBTQ community and not feel so pressured about, ‘Oh my God, “I wonder what they’ll think of me”.

‘If I can just inspire one person, whoever that is, to be their true self or do something they were scared to do or didn’t feel 100% confident in, that would be the most rewarding part of all this… Being honest and being who you are is always the best way to live.’

‘Coming out allows me to help other people’

Chadwick expressed a desire to use his social media platform to inspire others, and to use his voice for the good of the queer community.

‘Coming out in this way allows me to use the privilege that I have to help other people who don’t have that. The opportunities that I’ve been given to have a voice.

‘I want to be the person that’s at those rallies and events advocating for people and anybody. I never felt that I could do that unless I did this, and I think this is a major way for people to see visible queer people.’

Of his cover article, Chadwick said: ‘So proud of this cover and so grateful for the support I’ve gotten over the last year. Riding this wave has been filled with so many new experiences. Thank you to everyone who supports and allows opportunities like this for me to grow.’

Check out some of his hottest Insta shots below:

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When u see the ice cream truck down the street

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New Capri sun ad ??

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