We have a new title holder for Mr Gay World India and his name is Samarpan Maiti.

The annual competition is a part of a global sensation that tries to find the best and most upstanding gay men in multiple countries around the world.

As for the 2018 India winner, Maiti spends half of his time at the Kolkata institute researching cancer drugs and treatment, while spending the other half modeling.

Despite his current position in life, Maiti was humble as he won the title of Mr Gay World India and says that his rural upbringing makes the moment even more special.

“Being from a middle class rural background I had to face many challenges to be in the position that I am in today. The win made me feel that finally my struggles got acceptance,” he told The Asian Age.

Maiti shared that after his father died, he and a friend, who would later propose to Maiti’s sister, began living together in order to survive. Unfortunately, everyone around them assumed they were in a relationship and the two were kicked out on the street.

That experience inspired Maiti to engage with the gay community in India and later come out to his friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, the response to his coming out was fairly mixed. Many of Maiti’s science colleagues judged him, and his mother, whom he came out to in 2016, is still adjusting.

That said, all of that strife has inspired Maiti to help bring change and acceptance to India as a spokesperson of the gay community in the country.

“My focus is now on to represent my country at world stage in Mr. Gay world in South Africa this summer,” he said.

“I will take this opportunity to inspire the thousands of struggling souls out there who are seeking acceptance too.”

He also added:

“It is very important to send a representative from such a country that has not yet acknowledged the right of the LGBT community to speak about the discrimination, fights and social issues we are facing here.”

Lastly, he hopes to act as a model for underprivileged LGBTQ people back at home.

Congratulations to Samarpan Maiti.

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