Jacqueline Hughes, CheerUpCharlie, bullying, West End

On Tuesday, an England-based musical teacher named Jacqueline Hughes wrote about a young student of hers named Charlie who had gotten bullied and beaten up by hateful students at her school. The bullies called him “gay, fat and stupid.”

On Twitter, Hughes wrote:

She never expected the outpouring of love that came in from London’s West End stage actors via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. PinkNews reports:

Here are a few of the videos:

In response, Hughes issued a personal video message (below) and wrote in a follow-up tweet, “So Charlie has just left crying “happy tears” he is so overwhelmed, seeing his little face light up with each and every message! Needless to say we didn’t get much singing done today! So here’s a thank you from Charlie, doing what he loves xxx.”

Here’s her teary-eyed video thanking the casts for their kind messages of support:

She also met up with Charlie to send thanks and sing Elton John’s 1983 self-respect ballad, “I’m still standing.”

It’s a happy ending worthy of musical theatre.


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