gay date
I can’t wait to return and finish what we started!

I know it’s a cliche, but now the new year has come I’ve decided to get down to the gym and finally try to get into shape. Not that I’m bad looking, I guess – but I’m quite skinny and I’ve always wanted a bit of muscles on me. So last week I looked up my local gym and spoke to one of the trainers there, and he got me signed up on a contract.

gay date
I know it’s a cliche, but now the new year has come I’ve decided to get down to the gym –

I know everyone joins a gym in January and never goes after the first few times, but I’ve got to say I think I’ll definitely be making this a habit!

My first time I was kind of nervous, it’s a bit intimidating being in a new place with so many fit guys around, who are all so big and who all know exactly what they’re doing! I stood there, I guess a bit lost-looking in my shorts and tee, and thought all the men lifting weights looked a bit too much, so I went on the cross trainer and stayed there even though I knew that to get the muscle I wanted I’d have to lift those weights!

There are mirrors EVERYWHERE in my gym, so even though all the weight equipment was behind me I could still see the guys working out. One guy in particular caught my eye – he wasn’t as big as some of the guys there, but you could tell that he was ripped. He was wearing a vest – I would never dare wear a vest in the gym, I feel so skinny, but this guy had gorgeous shoulders that stood out nice and firm against his broad back. He was on one of the racks, pulling himself up, and as I worked on the treadmill I could see his back tensing and rippling as he pulled himself up, then down, then up again.

gay date
One guy in particular caught my eye –

I felt fairly safe checking him out in the mirror but then he looked up into the mirror too, I could tell he’d seen me looking at him… I hate moments like that! When you’ve been caught checking someone out! I don’t know if I blushed but I snapped my eyes back and told myself to focus on what I was doing.

Anyway, after my workout I headed to the changing rooms, I was dripping with sweat. I stripped off and, towel around my waist, I headed to the showers. They were a row of cubicles, at the end of them a sauna. After showering I opened the curtain and saw him again – wearing only a towel and walking toward me; now I saw his broad back was complimented by a pumped chiseled chest and popping abs. Like I say, he wasn’t the biggest guy in the gym but now I saw he was probably the most perfectly defined! I couldn’t believe it and I guess I couldn’t stop staring because he smiled right back at me again.

gay sex

Anyhow, he walked right past me and into the sauna. Sitting down he looked and smiled at me again – I wasn’t sure what was happening – if it really was happening! – but I was gripped with sudden excitement. Rather than getting changed I walked to the sauna, and sat down opposite him.

gay date
Anyhow, he walked right past me and into the sauna –

Now this isn’t something I’ve ever done before – I wasn’t even sure what it was I was doing! I didn’t know if I should say anything, or even where to look. But I was so excited, my cock…

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