Indya Moore in the first trailer for new LGBTQ Horror Web Series “Magic Hour” / Screenshot via Che Grayson

A new online horror/sci fi story wants to put LGBTQ people and people of color at the forefront.

For decades, people of color have been the jokes of the horror genre. Black people specifically have been depicted so poorly that there are ongoing jokes and tropes about them in the horror genre. For Asian people, Latinx people, and LGBTQ people, representation was barely visible. But now with works by Jordan Peele like Us and the more thriller based Get Out, a door has opened for new faces in the genre. And, a new web series is walking right on through.

Filmmaker Che Grayson is releasing a new series called Magic Hour. The anthology horror series will depict horror and thriller stories with LGBTQ people and people of color at the forefront. (Because we all want to get scared together).

For the pilot episode, titled “Soul-Search,” model, activist, and Pose actor Indya Moore stars as a sort of Frankenstein’s monster looking for a soul and purpose in life.

But, the series isn’t a confirmed reality just yet. Grayson is currently struggling to pay for post-production costs, so she’s created a Kickstarter to help fund the back end of the show’s creation.

That said, Che Grayson is still hopeful in the promise of the series.

So far, the Kickstarter has made $16,588 of its $30,000 goal with around 16 days left to go in its campaign. Will the fundraiser succeed? We’ll see in a few weeks.


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