Gus giggles

After four years together, Gus Kenworthy and Matt Wilkas announced they were calling it quits last week.

In a statement to People, a rep for the couple said, “Gus and Matt are taking time apart. They love and support each other and remain close friends.”

We were bummed about the news as they were such a cute couple.

Then on Friday, Gus shared a shirtless Instagram snap of himself with another dude. But before you go getting any ideas, you should know the guy is Seth Gottesdiener (a.k.a. Seth G), a personal trainer at Indigo Fitness in Los Angeles.

In his post, Gus thanked Seth for the workout while covering his face with a funny sticker that says “Tap Here.”

Meanwhile, over on Seth’s Instagram page, he shared a few photos and videos from the sweaty gym session.

A source tells Page Six that Gus and Matt, who began dating in 2015, broke up about a week ago, just before the July Fourth holiday.

We’re glad to see the Olympian is taking care of himself and making healthy decisions during what is no doubt a challenging time.


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