10 must-see gay movies
10 must-see gay movies. Watch and enjoy with your sweetheart!

Now and then – 10 must-see gay movies

You laughed, you cried and you cringed, and, all in all, you have witnessed some of the most unforgettable love stories ever told. We, hereby, present you 10 of the most impressive gay movies to date.

  1. American Beauty – 1999
10 must-see gay movies
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A story about love, hate, denial, betrayal, frustration and beauty, this movie encompasses every aspect of a masterpiece of genre. Kevin Spacey is majestic in the role of an incomplete and unhappy father and husband. This is a movie you are not allowed not to know.

  1. Brokeback Mountain – 2005
10 must-see gay movies
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In a world and time where gay relations were taboo, two cowboys find love in a desolate mountain area where only the sky is between them. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal offer an amazing performance, embodying two very different personalities, both struggling to find their place in the world. No matter how much they try to ignore the facts, one thing prevails: “Love is a force of Nature”

  1. Shelter – 2007
10 must-see gay movies
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The story of two guys trying to understand what drives them to be happy. While one of them was forced to throw away his art school dreams, the other seeks to sentimental fulfilling and their lives collide in an emotional love story like few you have seen so far.

  1. Milk – 2008
10 must-see gay movies
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Not everyone may know the story of Harvey Milk, the gay activist of the 70’s who helped outlining the society as we know it today. As a man ahead of his age, Milk will always be remembered as a reformer and a fighter and Sean Penn captured the exact spirit that defined the man and the hero – Harvey Milk.

  1. Noordzee, Texas – 2011
10 must-see gay movies
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Pim, a young boy starving for affection finds comfort in Gino, a boy leaving right next to him and they embark in a passionate and fruitful relationship. An emotional and well written movie, Nordzee, Texas is a must-see for everyone, not just those relating themselves to the story.

  1. Boys – 2014
10 must-see gay movies
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Sieger, a 15-year-old athlete meets the intriguing Marc and they bond in a way no one could have predicted. Later on the story evolves and others step in which leads to…well, you will have to see the movie for yourself.

  1. Out in the Dark – 2013
10 must-see gay movies
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A powerful love-drama about Nimer, a Palestinian student and Roy, an Israeli lawyer, this movie will touch you to the core. Their love story unravels in a conflicted world and overcomes overwhelming obstacles to meet its fulfillment.

  1. Hawaii – 2013
10 must-see gay movies
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Meet Martin and Eugenio, two childhood friends meeting after many years in unusual circumstances. What follows is a powerful relationship growing beyond simple friendship. A piece that should not miss from any movie-buff’s collection.

  1. Juste une question d’amour (Just a matter of love) – 2000
10 must-see gay movies
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This French love story focuses on Laurent, a young man who loses his gay brother to hepatitis, and Cedric, a young and talented scientist. As their relation evolves, Laurent needs to tell his parents the truth, which may be more difficult than expected.

  1. The imitation game – 2014
10 must-see gay movies
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This is the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician, trying to crack the Nazi Enigma coding machine. Being gay places him in a very dangerous spot, in a world where homosexuals were still considered evil and sick. Benedict Cumberbatch is in an amazing shape in this must-see masterpiece.

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