gay men

‘It’s like a foreign language’

As time goes on, many things change, including language. The slang of one generation is vastly different than that of another generation.

Into recently tried that out with gay slang and the results are utterly charming.

They gathered three older gay men for a video — Bill, Robert, and Mick — and tested them on the slang of younger gay men.

Adorably, most of the words are unknown to them. One of them even comments, ‘It’s like a foreign language!’

The first word on the agenda is ‘bussy’.

Naturally, all their minds go to another word first.

For a lot of words, like ‘extra’, though they’re not intimately familiar with it, they have some pretty good educated guesses.

‘Will my gay card get revoked?’

The best thing about the video is how adorable and funny all three men are. Their commentary and responses to the slang are genuinely great.

Many of the words and phrases stem from RuPaul and drag culture, prompting one of the men to ask if their gay card will get revoked because they don’t watch Drag Race.

Another fun element is when the men explain what their generation says for these terms. Instead of ‘gayby’, or baby gay, they used the term ‘chicken’.

When they learn the word ‘kiki’, a term for a private gossip session stemming from black and Latinx LGBTQ culture, they respond: ‘We call that a bitch fest!’

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