A music store has displayed Years&Years album in their so called “gay section.” We never knew that this music section existed, but as a fan informed Olly Alexander, the band’s out front-man, this music store invented it.

Olly reacted on Twitter: “If you think my music is gay that’s cool, I love being gay and I love my gay music but can you really label a sound or style of music ‘gay’,” he wrote on Twitter.

Then he started mocking the way some people approach gay singers by posting a selfie with the capture: on my way to the studio! #gaymusic

The 25-year-old singer talked many times about suffering from depression and anxiety, both caused by him growing up in a straight world. He wants to make a change and support today’s LGBTI kids and teenagers:

“When I meet gay kids and they know who we are, I remember that’s amazing because literally every gay person in every gay story I knew growing up was doomed to die.

“There weren’t any positive gay stories and it’s incredible that has changed.”

And he has one powerful message:

“Most importantly never ever be ashamed of who you are, because who you are is f**king awesome, don’t let anybody make you think differently.”

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