Oh, bro. Hubby’s “eggplant”? Once again?

Maybe you remember John Barrowman, a star of “Doctor Who”, “Torchwood” and TV’s Arrow, who has “accidentally” shared a Facebook livestream in a Palm Springs hot tub when he caught his hubby’s nudity who was roaming nearby. This video soon became viral and attracted a lot of fans and viewers.

And it happened once again!? Arrow star John Barrowman’s fans got an opportunity again to have a look at his hubby’s, Scott Gills, “eggplant.”

The couple is currently in Melbourne for Oz comic book convention.

John was posing in a towel on Snapchat, and he didn’t even notice his husband who was relaxing naked in the background.


The photo isn’t distinct enough but be sure Scott doesn’t wear any panties when he stays alone with his hubby John.


After posting the first video with his hubby “accidental” nudity, Barrowman made a couple of videos where he said that he was shocked a bit of showing his hubby’s cock to the whole world. But some fans and those who watched that video claimed that John made it intentionally.


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