Cedar is partnering with Opening Doors London (ODL) and launching the My First Pride campaign to celebrate 50 years since the Stonewall Riots. Their aim is to celebrate the legacy of the older members LGBTQ+ community, to provide these pioneers the credit they deserve and put them in the forefront of any Pride conversation.

The social media campaign features video stories of five ODL members. In the videos, they share real and honest accounts of their earliest Pride experiences, from attending their first Pride in 1972 to joining the parade for the first time aged 72. The videos highlight the isolation the elder LGBTQ+ community have felt and emphasise the importance of inclusion and accessibility, as well as the vital role ODL plays in bringing the community back together.

Alice Wallace, Director of ODL said: “As this year’s Pride marks 50 years of LGBT+ activism since the Stonewall Riots, we want to celebrate the people who made this history – our members. While older LGBT+ people are seldom visible in media representations of the LGBT+ community, we are an integral part of it. Whether we marched at the very first Pride in London or came out later in life, Pride is for us!”

Clare Broadbent, Cedar’s CEO, also commented: “We are incredibly proud to partner with ODL on this important campaign. As a story-telling agency, it was an honour to have the opportunity to share the incredible stories of these LGBT+ pioneers, and to shine a light on the role ODL plays in their lives. We can’t wait to see the real difference this campaign will make in raising awareness of this vital charity and community.”

The stories will appear across Opening Doors London social media channels, @OpeningDoorsLdn on Twitter and @openingdoorslondon on Facebook.


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