Another week, another hunk! This week, our chosen InstaHottie is none other than Matthew Ford, or fordashian1 as he is known to his Instagram followers. It’s easy to see why we chose him this week, with his bubble butt and foot fetish. We had a chat with Matthew this week and got to know him a little more, enjoy!

Hi Matthew, great to speak with you today! Where in the world are you?

Hi all, I’m from Wales in the UK. it’s a beautiful place, full of natural beauty.

Congratulations! You’re Instinct magazine’s InstaHottie of the Week. How do you feel about the title?

To be honest, I feel privileged and shocked to have be asked! It makes me happy that people out there like my Instagram and having the title instahottie puts a big smile on my face

You’ve got an impressive butt, if I do say so myself. Do squats play a big part in your gym routine

Yeah, I do squat a lot at the gym alongside other exercises focusing on legs and the bum area, most people hate leg day but I find it’s one of my favourite days!


MatthewJudging from your Instagram, you have a fetish for feet too. Is this for the fans, or is it something you are into yourself?

Yeah, I’d admit to having a thing for guys Feet! If they are maintained and looked after correctly they can be a very erotic and sexy part of a man. I have noticed on my Instagram that a lot of men into feet so I like to give my followers what they like to see.

You’ve also got an OnlyFans account, what content would we expect to see on there? Or is that a secret until we subscribe?

I did have an onlyfans account, but had some issues on there and I just felt it was good at the beginning but everyone seems to be on it now so kind of lost its appeal. There was also a lot of pressure to keep posting and coming up with new ideas to please the followers, for those who did subscribe I didn’t hold back on what I was posting! Wink wink.


Biggest turn ons?

Where do I start! Beards! Yes please, Feet, some muscle. It doesn’t need to be crazy big like a body builder though. Dressing up, who doesn’t like a harness or a bit of leather now and then, right? Eyes can be very sexy and it’s a big turn on if you can see confidence in a man’s eyes! Kissing is a massive turn on too and if you manage to kiss my weak spot that’s it, we will be having sex!

Hairy or shaven?

Hairy would be my preference but shaven is ok too.


Bulge or butt?

Butt would be my first choice. I’m always looking at people’s bums, both male and female, but sometimes you can’t help looking at a nice bulge too.

Celebrity Crush?

I can’t really pin point any particular celebrity crushes as such but I have a few instacrushes only due to the fact I’m on there most of the time so you get to see more of people you are following.


Favourite song?

I have a wide taste of music so anything really that puts me in the mood to dance or gets me emotional could be my favourite song at the time.

As a final question, what’s one interesting fact about you that your followers may not know?

I’m quite a shy person in real life and suffer with anxiety a lot and using things like Instagram has given me a boost that people like what they see in me.


So there we are! Another hot guy for you to follow! His instagram handle is @fordashian1, and we promise you won’t be disappointed with the content, wink wink.


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