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This just in. Reports are coming in of overheard gunshots at DC Pride, but the police state that there was, in fact, no active shooter.

Information is lacking at the moment, but mayhem ensued earlier today after gunshots were allegedly heard in the Dupont Circle area during the Central Pride parade in Washington, D.C.

Local news reporter Tom Roussey says that around four loud pops went off before the crowd panicked. Twitter users share that the mayhem led to people getting trampled. Several injuries have been reported because of this mass panic.

That said, there have been no reported injuries or fatalities due to gunfire.

Capital Pride, the organization that runs DC Pride, says it is in close contact with the police. 

Unfortunately, the Pride parade has been canceled and all pride goers are asked to clear the area. Though, Capital Pride stated that the Block Party will run as scheduled.

Again, there is speculation over the events. D.C. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety has confirmed that there was no active shooter. That said, there is still no official word on what caused the loud pops that started the intiial panic.

According to News4, the police have found a gun within a backpack in Dupont Circle, but they report that the weapon was never “brandished” or used as a threat. D.C. police have also confirmed that they are one man has been arrested for possession of the handgun.

In addition, an unidentified woman has been arrested for assaulting a police officer. Though, there is currently no evidence that both arrests are connected.

We will keep you updated as more information comes in.


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