Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews drops his latest single, "Good Enough"Parker Matthews new single “Good Enough” (screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews drops his latest music video, “Good Enough.” Trust and believe – it’s more than ‘good enough.’

Matthews says his passion for music was born watching Whitney Houston’s iconic performance on the 1994 Grammy Awards. A target for bullies in his youth, he found solace in music.

Since his debut single, “Lost With You,” he’s continually demonstrated growth and maturity as an artist with followup tracks like “Hit and Run” and “Feelin’ Right.

But after the sexy drive of those previous tracks, “Good Enough” finds Matthews in a pensive mood.

Arriving at a theater, complete with entourage and a bit of swagger, the visually elegant video (directed by Nicolas Wendl) cuts between behind-the-scenes black/white to performance-mode onstage, where he finds color in his life.

In his dressing room, prepping for go-time, we find our hero introspective and brooding.

Through repetition (and a touch of poignancy), the title phrase sometimes feels like Parker is convincing his listener, sometimes himself.

It’s like I’m not good enough, good enough
Why’m I not good enough, good enough
Baby, I’m good enough, good enough
I know that I’m good enough, good enough
I can’t take it
My heart, you break it
I’m good enough, good enough
I know that I’m good enough, good enough

(screen capture)

The new track offers some of Matthews’s most dynamic vocals to date, moving from lithe vulnerability to muscular pop power with ease.

And production, both visually and sonically, is top-shelf, sophisticated and well-executed.

Music critics have liked what they hear from Matthews:

“Pop music just might have found its next star in Parker Matthews” – The Musical Hype

“An infectious slice of pop music” – Music Is My Radar

“Matthews’ confidence in his sexuality glows onscreen” – Pop Dust

That last quote is more evident than ever in ‘Good Enough,’ as Matthews exhibits considerable gravitas in his cool, confident performance here.

Make sure you hang around for the ending.

“Good Enough” is available now on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital download sites.

instinct has followed Matthews for some time now, and it appears his time spent honing his craft may be about to pay off.

“Earlier this week, some of the big dogs in this industry caught wind of my future material, and today, sent me a jet to bring me to a meeting,” he shares in a recent Instagram post. “This is just the beginning of my journey, and I cannot wait to see what the future has is store.

You can follow Matthews on Facebook here, and check out his official website here.


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