“Party-N-Play”, a new comedy-thriller from award winning comedian and writer Sampson McCormick (BET, TV One, VICELAND), that explores black queer themes. It is full of laughs and a few unexpected twists and turns.


  • Executive Producer: Sampson McCormick
  • Written by Sampson McCormick
  • In association with BLACScales Productions
  • Directed by Spencer M. Collins IV
  • Director of Photography William Scales
  • Release Date: October 31, 2019
  • Genre: Comedy-Thriller
  • Run Time: Approximately 44 minutes
  • Language: English


  • Justin-Rayne Bryant (Triangle: The Series)
  • Sampson McCormick (BET, TV One, VICELAND)
  • DeMarco Majors (LOGO’s Shirts & Skins, Hello My Name Is Trouble)
  • Donnie Hue Frazier (GIANTS)


We all stan for our favorite divas, but what happens when Blue (Justin-Rayne Bryant), the typical enthusiastic and fully dedicated Beyonce fan, makes the decision to overdraw his account to buy a ticket to a concert, when rent is due, he neglects other responsibilities and things begin to quickly go downhill for him? This comedy-thriller is a fun watch accompanied by lots of laughs, and a couple twists.


Black (African-American), Queer, LGBTQ, Pop Culture, Comedy, Polyamory, Sex Positivity, Coming Out, Religion, Relationships, Mental Health

Now you can watch it below:

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