The world of fashion is certainly a tough one, and you need to stand-out in at least some way in order to survive. Be it your designs, the structure of your business, marketing, or anything that will make your consumers click “add to cart”, you have to have at least something.

For example, if you’re the men’s clothing company Father & Sons, you decide to hire extremely muscular men and garb them in the tightest possible button-downs and pants that are essentially painted on.

Check it out:

I mean, his arms are literally double the size of the sleeve opening, and the buttons aren’t even lined up.

Yes, you too can achieve this “werewolf midway through transformation” look if you shop at the company.

I mean, how do these pants even work? How does one put these clothes on?
People have taken it to the F&S’s Facebook page to ask them “questions” about the models and their clothes, and they are funny as hell!

Check out some of the most hilarious responses below:


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