Alligator, gay porn, PETA,, Diego Sans, Kaleb StrykerKaleb Stryker and Diego Sans in’s “The Everglads” (image via — the gay adult studio behind such productions as “Erectile Entanglement,” “Flesh Peddler,” “The Whoremonger” and “My Therapist is a Pervert” — has drawn ire from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for a recent scene showing an alligator.

In the scene, entitled “The Everglades,” performers Kaleb Stryker and Diego Sans have sex in the Florida Everglades, a tropical wetlands in the southern part of the state consisting of swamps, marshes and mangrove trees. Director Marc MacNamara filmed the scene on location on May 17.

During their scene, an alligator floats in the water near their pontoon and then stalks through the mud in the background as Sans tops Stryker. Neither man tries to engage the alligator because that would be creepy.

But in a statement given to Gay Star News, PETA Director Elisa Allen disapproved of the alligator being included in the scene:

While hasn’t commented on PETA’s statement yet, it’s probably loving the free publicity. After all, the studio usually gets headlines for making explicit parodies of pop-culture hits including The Justice League and Pokemon Go.

PETA also probably digs the free publicity too as it’s predominantly known for media stunts like its ad comparing meat eaters to Jeffrey Dahmer, featuring partially naked folks in their annual “sexiest vegan” competition and having a gay couple make-out in public to prove that “vegetarians make better lovers.”

Considering PETA’s love of using sex for attention, perhaps they should be collaborating with instead of complaining about them. They could call the scene “Tofu Taboo,” “Soy Boys” or “Cruelty-Free Furries.”


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