Piers Morgan

Why it gotta be gay?

Piers Morgan was blasted on social media this week after the British journalist tweeted a photo of himself at a London gay bar, the Evening Standard reports.

Hanging out at Freedom Bar with his Good Morning Britain co-host, Susanna Reid, and TV personality Richard Bacon, Morgan captioned the photo, “2.43am. A gay bar in Soho. Good Morning Britain!”

Sensitive Brits were quick to criticize the journalist for the tweet, questioning his motivation for clarifying that the bar was “a gay bar.”

“Or, as we tend to call them these days, a bar,” snarked one follower.

“Why do you feel the need to inform every one of the sexual orientation of the people in the bar that you have graced with your presence?” asked another.

Well, you get the picture.

Was Morgan in the wrong for referring to the bar as a gay bar? Or, as another famous Brit once said, is this much ado about nothing?

Either way, the Celebrity Apprentice winner has already accepted Freedom’s invitation to return, tweeting, “When or if our livers recover, definitely.”

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