The maths teacher-turned-model has quite a good answer…

Ask a male model what the downside of being super handsome and setting hearts racing everywhere they go is, and they basically can’t answer without sounding like a complete ass.

But when confronted with that very question, Pietro Boselli actually came off alright.

“I don’t think there would be any direct disadvantage,” he told ABS CBN, “apart from maybe some stereotypes or the fact that people won’t necessarily focus on other aspects of your personality.”

So why do humans always judge each other by their physical appearance?

“We cannot help it,” Pietro explained. “It’s obvious that if someone to you looks good, you’re more prone to being talkative to them or to approach them. When that happens, you overlook other things.”

As for how being labelled ‘the world’s hottest maths teacher’ has impacted on his own reputation as an academic, Pietro said: “I felt like people in academe would look down on that.

“Only by growing up and maturing, you will learn how to embrace every aspect of your life and see that it is amazing, that you can do things that are so different.

“Explore a talent that otherwise wouldn’t be explored in the academe at all.”


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