And on the eighth day, God created lycra shorts.

Pietro Boselli has caused quite the stir after uploading a snap of him and his brother to Twitter, wearing nothing but a spectacularly revealing pair of lycra peddle-pushers.

The ‘World’s Hottest Maths Teacher’-turned model, who won Attitude’s Most Stylish Man Award back in October, posted the eye-opening picture 0n Saturday (December 3) along with the caption, “Bro in town. Late autumnal vigour”.

Judging from the responses however, everybody was far too preoccupied with his Pietro’s own “late autumnal vigour” to even notice his brother was in the photo.

The thirst was very, very real: From coy emojis to the straight-up “oh let me feel your bulge, puhleeeease!!!,” it seems nobody could contain themselves. Not that you could blame them.


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