This is why we love fashion…

When we first found out that Pietro Boselli had joined forces with Bench Body PH for their latest collection, we knew we were in for a treat.

First we we treated to his scorching Bench Body shoot, and then there was his own footage from behind-the-scenes on set of his Philippines adventure.

But now Pietro returned to Manila for a very revealing runway look, which essentially involved him walking the event in just his underwear.

To mark Pietro’s appearance, Bench Body also released some new images of ‘the world’s hottest maths teacher’ in his tight whities. All in the name of fashion, of course.

On his sudden rise to fame, Pietro previously explained: “At first I never realised that people were taking pictures in the classroom. The first time is when I saw it reposted on Facebook.

“I saw it happen a few times until The Daily Mail picked it up and reposted it, and it just went crazy on the internet… I started having more people showing up at the class, people who had nothing to do with the course.”

You can find more information about Pietro joining Bench Body PH here

You can follow Pietro on Instagram here

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