This week Taylor Swift launched an LGBT revolution, Jonathan Van Ness came out as non-binary, author Nicholas Sparks was outed as a racist homophobe, and Meghan McCain spent a whole hour masquerading as an ally. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

went to South Beach.

took a call.

did some work.

got some sun.

completed the AIDS LifeCycle.

made friends at the cottage.

rinsed off.

smiled at Pride.

got a new speedo.

went off-roading in Ibiza.

lifted weights.

took a bath.

felt strong.

dined with .

hung out.

and looked at the land.

got burned.

showed off his progress.

took a hike.

played tennis.

wore his shirt around his neck.

showed some VPL in the window.

enjoyed winter in Sydney.

wore pink for Pride.

wrapped his head.

rolled in the grass.

played ball.

brushed his teeth.

showed off his trainer.

And woke up on set.


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