Westboro Baptist Church members met their match when they tried to protest at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University.

The hate group decided to protest the school after finding out that the university not only allows transgender people to go to the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity, but also that the school provides non-gendered bathroom options.

But when students and locals caught wind of the Baptist Church’s presence, they decided to have a party… and it was glorious.

Counter-protestors gathered, with police standing by to keep the two groups separate, and drowned out the church’s hate with chants, drums, and bagpipes.

Victor Tavarez, a member of the university’s Social Impact Coalition, spoke out against the hate group.

“They’re trying to get you mad, they’re trying to get you upset,’ Tavarez told GayStarNews, “So let’s avoid that. Let’s show all of CMU that we care about one another.”

“It’s okay, they’re allowed to protest,” Kaplan told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “But I knew we would overwhelm them significantly.”

But does it look like that?

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WBC came, but love conquered ?

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