Today one guy sent us a message crying for help. He asked us to save his life. But unfortunately we aren’t an organization that provides asylum to all people in need. We are just site sharing daily news that happen in LGBT world and in the lives of famous gay and queer celebrities. But we decided to share the problem of this guy with you. Maybe some of you can give him at least a piece of advice or help with a kind word.

Here is our dialogue: (all worlds are author’s and we won’t correct them. The guy’s English is a bit bad but at least the main idea is clear.

“I em gay and i live in Pakistan.”

“Its very difficult yo live here in Pakistan. I em muslim. In my religion every one hates me and my family wants to killl me.”

“I live in an other city.”

“I want to live with gays.. please help me to save my life.”

“Please help me.”

“God bless you.”

Then we decided to know what really happened with this guy. And he told us his story!

“I was feels like a girl when i was ten.”

“In schools every ones scolding me and my elder mates do bad things with me even my some elder counens do sex or harasment many time….”

“Now last few years my famliy know every thing about me . so they dont want to live with me .. so i em living in an other country.”

“Ooh sorry I em living in another city on Pakistan.”

“I em stressed or afraid.”

“My dad or brother wants to killl me. Every member of my family hates me ..”

“I want to live with gays!”

This guy is looking for shelter. He wants to find some organization that cares about gay people, their rights and can help save lives of people who suffer from harrasment and bylling in the countries they live.

If you know such an organisation that can give this guy a shelter, let us know either in comments below this post or in a private message on Facebook. You can also contact personaly this guy. Here is his Facebook profile. (Don’t pay much attention to the photos in his profile. They are fakes because he is afraid to upload his own photos).

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