This police officer was called from an old gay bar in Scotland to settle a little misunderstanding between two clients. After he dealt with the incident, the officer had a little time to spare on the karaoke scene and performed Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

One of the owners told to  Glasgow Evening Times: “The officer came in a with a few of his colleagues and had spoken to the staff about an earlier incident.

“After he had done his duties the karaoke host got him up to perform. He said his name was John and chose ‘I Will Survive’ to sing.

“He tried to stop after one verse but the crowd were loving it so he carried on. He was really good and had all the moves.”

Katie Boyle, the Karaoke host, said

“So I managed to get Sergeant John to sing in the Waterloo Bar today after a wee incident.
“It was an accomplishment that I got him up to do it. He was brilliant and just goes to show not all bad can be said about Police Scotland.”

The video reached Gloria Gaynor who reacted: ‘I love this!’

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