Directed by Shawn Adeli – who’s helmed clips for Drag Race queens such as Monét X Change, Blair St. Clair and Manila Luzon – the video for Freezing Warm sees the queer singer-songwriter in two alternate realities.

“Throughout the story, the “normal” reality shows me alone with no partner going through the motions, but suddenly everything goes red and he’s back in the picture,” he told us of the video.

“He’s physically there but completely stoic and as soon as we’re about to connect, he disappears.

“Then I’m back to my normal solo reality. This continues as I go through the motions and eventually wind up full circle. Back in bed with an emotionally and physically unavailable person. Which is pretty much a metaphor for my dating life!”

GESS’ music is primarily inspired by the dating process one goes through in their 20s, and said the song is about getting “mixed” signals from a love interest – which we can all relate to huh?

He added: “It’s crazy how we all share such similar stories when it comes to dating/hook up culture as a queer 20-something and for me the best therapy is writing about it. It keeps me sane when surrounded by fuck boys.” Amen!

Watch GESS’ incredible video for Freezing Warm – which is available now on iTunes and streaming services – below.

Shot and edited by Shawn Adeli
Creative direction by Akeem Pina & Jordan Masurét
Starring Aram aka Adam Ramzi


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