The most popular month for gays and lesbians weddings became August 2014, when there were registered about 844 same-sex marriages.

Gay marriage –

The Office of the National Statistics said that during the spring of 2014 15,098 same-sex couples got married.

The most popular month for weddings of gays and lesbians became August 2014, when 844 marriages were registered.

Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage –

Furthermore, according to the same data, marriages among women had the greater popularity . Among the couples who have entered into the marriage, 55% are female couples and 45% are male. The average age of newlyweds was 37 years for women and 40 for men.

As you remember, the law for same-sex marriage legalization came into force in England and Wales at midnight on March 29, 2014. Some couples have been waiting for this moment for a long time so they got married in a few minutes after the law was announced.

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