From his role as “Pray Tell” on the revolutionary hit television show Pose to his star turning fashion turns on red carpets everywhere, suffice to say; Billy Porter is having an absolute moment right now! 

When he dropped his latest single “Love Yourself” last month, it was the pride anthem we all needed. The remixes that dropped yesterday that accompany it though, are the dance floor anthems that our summer dance floors will be loving for the remainder of the season. 

Right off the bat, the indomitable Ralphi Rosario checks in with the retro-tinged “Anthem Edit”, complete with “take em to church” backing vocals, and giving the track a unique and fun different beat. The “Michael Grey Remix” takes the track down a notch, morphing it into a 90’s era R&b hit, while the “John C-Carr Remix” takes the track in dub-territory, but with Porter’s familiar vocals sprinkled throughout.

The true jewels in this package of remixes are reserved for two true masters of remixing. The “Barry Harris Radio Edit” puts Porter’s vocals front and center, backing the track with a truly classic house beat, driving the track to a climactic chorus that fits the track itself gorgeously. The “Ralphi Rosario Ballroom Brawl Remix” not only has the best remix label on the entire package, but hearing Porter’s “Welcome To The Ball Bitches” refrain lets us know we are in for a true treat. Merging classic ballroom directives like “work the floor bitch” and weaving it with Porter’s vocals on the track morph this one from an uplifting anthem into a tride and true bitch track in the absolute best sense of the word. (Grab a peek at that one below)! 

Billy Porter’s “Love Yourself” is affirmative and glorious dance music, music that we all need today.  As Porter himself says, “the category is..revolution”! 

Grab the remixes to “Love Yourself” here:

Art Courtesy of Billy Porter Facebook;

Featured Image Courtesy of Evening Standard


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