From Whitney Houston’s legendary Thunderpuss 2000 & Hex Hector remixes to Aretha Franklin’s divine “A Rose Is Still A Rose” to even Cissy Houston’s “Shake Yourself Loose”, the women of the extended Houston family have all managed to take their legendary voices to the dance floors for some truly astounding dance music moments. Once voice that we didn’t hear as much of in nightlife was the smooth vocals of the legendary Dionne Warwick. 

With her latest album She’s Back hitting stores, Warwick is ensuring that this material lives up to the title and then some. She has enlisted some of dance music most prominent names for her single “You Really Started Something” and each remix has a slightly different flavor for fans everywhere. 

The “Moto Blanco Extended Mix” kicks off with some keyboard driven orchestration, and merges Warwick’s familiar and smooth vocals gorgeously. A classic sign of a Moto Blanco remix is the almost hypnotic way that the chorus is crafted, making almost every production that they work on a true dance floor “moment”; this one is no exception. The “Kue’s Studio 54 Extended Remix” gives us classic Dionne with a disco-fied flair, including some drops into the track at some interesting spots & giving the track a true 70’s retro style that completely refreshes this music legend’s sound.

The “Tracy Young Extended Mix” puts a consistent dark and moody beat onto Warwick’s voice, making the track a smooth and perfect accompaniment to a late night set or a great addition to a tea dance this summer.  

She’s Back indeed! 

Check out the “Tracy Young Extended Remix” here. 

Grab the remixes for “You Really Started Something” here:

Art courtesy of Dionne Warwick (Facebook)


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