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This is very cute

You might think professional wrestler Anthony Bowens isn’t much of a softy.

But his boyfriend Michael Pavano found out on his 24th birthday found out how loving he could be.

Bowens decided to write, compose and record a song called ‘How We Met’.

Listen to pro wrestler’s beautiful love song

‘I’m really bad at gift giving and I wanted to make sure that I did something special for him,’ Bowens, who is bisexual, told Outsports. ‘I was wracking my brain as to what it could be and I decided to go the creative route instead something material.’

The wrestler called artist and music producer Nicco DiRenzi and together they worked on the track.

‘I tried to convey how much Michael has impacted my life and how he helped heal any pain and dismiss any fears I had prior to coming out and living my life freely,’ he said.

‘I combined it with the way I felt after the first night we two years ago at a bar called Blackthorn in New Jersey and I how feel now in general. I don’t always express how I feel as much as I should, so I did my best to show him how much I love and appreciate him. Based upon his reaction (which I wish I recorded), I think I accomplished just that.’

Pavano, a personal trainer, recorded his own YouTube video speaking about his reaction.

‘It was the most beautiful thing’

‘It was the most beautiful thing,’ Pavano said.

‘He literally wrote and sang me a song for my birthday. I mean, who does that? … It’s the best gift and most thoughtful gift anyone has gotten me.’

Bowens came out in a video made by Pavano in March last year.

In the video, a ‘try not to laugh challenge’, he was described by Pavano as his boyfriend.

Following it up with a message on Facebook, Bowens wrote: ‘I’m not going to make this a long winded post but I think it’s time.

‘Just wanted to let everyone know I’m bisexual. I look forward to changing perceptions and breaking stereotypes as I continue on my journey.

‘I have zero patience for negativity so if this bothers you please delete me. Thanks!’

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