Rainbow gift
The Equality house was painted rainbow to get revenge on anti-gay neighbours.

“Where there is hatred, let me sow love”

The Baptist Church, which became famous in the town of Westboro (Kansas) due to its anti-gay messages, got an unexpected surprise from its new neighbor.

Aaron Jackson, one of the founders of the Planting Peace charity company(protection of tropical forests, opening orphanages) bought the house that is situated directly opposite the house of anti-gay neighbors.

Rainbow gift

The Aaron’s team of volunteers painted the house in bright rainbow colors, the colors of the gay pride flag. The house was named the Equality House. It is supposed to be used for the volunteers that will push Planting Peace’s anti-bullying initiative to combat the messages of the Baptists who claimed that “Being gay is wrong” or “Faggots can’t marry.”

Rainbow gift

The house’s location was chosen not by chance. It is situated just opposite the Baptist Church who preach messages like “God hates fags.” But now they should live and watch this Sodom house, as they called it, ever day.

Rainbow gift

In addition, probably to impress the Baptist community, Jackson settled in the yard the flagpole with a huge gay flag which he raises every morning.

For all passers-by this house became just a bright, spring looked like attraction.

BTW Aaron Jackson isn’t actually a gay. He just decided to support the idea of the Equality house to get revenge on anti-gay neighbors. Brave man indeed!

Let’s watch how this house looks like now and what the Baptists really think of this gay house of equality.

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