‘Lance can film the video…’

Tom Daley’s revealed his celebrity crush is Shawn Mendes – and he has rather an eyebrow-raising interesting proposition for him!
The Olympic diver would like a private concert from the Stitches singer – but his hubby Dustin Lance Black would also potentially be present.

Asked what song he’d like Shawn to sing at said concert, Daley blushed: ‘This is a hard one…’

‘Maybe Lance can be in the room too’

He continued: ‘I don’t know what song he would sing that wouldn’t be highly inappropriate, having a husband…’

Tom furthermore added: ‘Maybe Lance can be in the room too… he would supervise. Lance can supervise and film the video, the YouTube video…’

The Olympic diver revealed he’s sweet on the pop star during a recent interview with YouTuber Tyler Oakley for MTV.

Tyler meanwhile revealed he’s currently crushing on Joe Jonas. We get you, Tyler!

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