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Are We Too Busy On Grindr?

Ugh! I feel like I can never get enough sleep. After constantly working, socializing, and day dreaming about my future; I finally understand why my mother always said “There isn’t enough hours in a day.” I used to tell her I wanted to say that! Why was I so crazy?! Alas, with maturity comes responsibilities and unfortunately, a lack of sleep. Day-to-day I will try to convince myself that I will go home and immediately hit the bed, but there is so much life to live and so little time!

According to NewNowNext, I’m not alone in my lack of sleep. Apparently, research shows that gay men are more likely to have trouble sleeping. Even moreso, the study reveals that we as gay men are more likely to use medication to help sleep:

“The study, published in Sleep Health, found that overall LGBT people had more trouble achieving quality sleep than their heterosexual peers: Gay men encountered more problems falling asleep, while lesbians were more likely to report wake up during the night or feeling groggy in the morning.”

Are we too busy thinking about our next knight-in-shining-armor to sleep at night?! Looks like we have some explaining to do…but until then, let’s sleep on it.

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