‘I like the noise of children running around the house’

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef aren’t sure of a wedding date yet but they are sure that they want a bigger family.

‘I want a big family,’ Martin tells CBS Sunday Morning.

Martin’s twins Matteo and Valentino are now 8 and since the day they were born Martin says ‘Everything changes. It’s not about you anymore. There’s no more sleeping late (laughs).’

Now when he thinks of family, it’s no longer as a single dad. He and artist Yosef became engaged last year.

‘We are making plans,’ he says of siblings for the twins. ‘Now it’s we. We are making plans.’

As for their wedding, the invitations have not yet been sent out.

‘We don’t know the day yet,’ Martin says. ‘We’re engaged and we’re having a really good time. Maybe this year. I want a big wedding. I want a three day celebration – at least.’


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