British crooner Sam Smith and 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn have been an item for eight months, a.k.a. enough time to give each other silly, erotic gifts.

And as Smith celebrated his 26th birthday over the weekend, Flynn was prepared with some knock-out presents.

The artist behind the titillating creations, Allen Cutler, works primarily with needlepoint and embroidery, but your grandmother’s needlepoint this surely is not.

“Sam Smith with his birthday gift from Brandon. It makes me happy to see how happy he is in this picture,” Cutler wrote oh his work un-friendly Instagram feed.

And he’s not lying — Smith looks pleased as punch.

See the photo here.

And here’s a bit more of what Smith and Flynn have been up to:

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It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

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Come on babe, we’re gonna paint the town

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