Same-sex couples
Child with two dads

Gay parents are bad parents. It isn’t actually true! The recent investigation on this topic gave absolutely opposite results.

Same-sex parents

Same-sex parents in comparison to heterosexual parents devote more time to their children. These are the results of a new study that examined whether there are some grounds for bias against same-sex couples raising kids.


The researchers of the Center for Demographic Studies at the University of Texas found out that lesbian couples devote 40% more time to their children than heterosexual parents. It is largely due to the fact that both mothers spend as much time with their child as women in traditional families. So two moms means double attention to the child.

Same-sex couples

Fathers in heterosexual families spend twice less time with their children than mothers. However, fathers in gay couples devote kids almost as much time as mothers usually do (approximately 100 minutes per day).

‘Our findings support the argument that parental investment in children is at least as great – and possibly greater – in same-sex couples as for different-sex couples,’ the author of this investigation Kate Prickett wrote on the Child and Family Blog.

‘On measures of child-focused time, children with two parents of the same sex families actually seem to receive more time investment. They received more focused time from their parents – 3.5 hours a day, compared with 2.5 hours by children with two different-sex parents.’

Same-sex couples

The study took into consideration the child-focused activities which help the physical and cognitive development of kids. These activities include: reading to children, paying games with them, helping doing homework, bathing children and visiting their doctor. Watching TV and doing household chores together with children aren’t considered as the time devoted to them.

The study was based on investigating 40,000 parents, 55% of whom are in gay relationships.

So, now it is for authorities to decide whether to give the rights to same-sex couples to adopt children or not. But this study proves that some same-sex couples can be even better parents for their adopted children than the parents with the straight relationships.

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